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Tebay & Associates, LLCAt Tebay Bronson & Associates, LLC, the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you the personalized and thorough service that meets your business and individual needs.

We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for our clients and offer consulting services for your special needs.

Tax Services

At Tebay Bronson & Associates, we prepare our clients' tax returns accurately, thoroughly and on time.  We believe that's something every competent firm should provide.  

What makes us different is that we provide planning services that minimize taxes while maximizing the value of our clients' assets.  

In addition, we pre-schedule the date we will commence the work for each client tailored to when their information is normally available.  This balances our resources and enables us to even out our work load resulting in faster turnaround time and fewer extensions.  

We provide returns for federal, all states, all cities, estates, trusts, and gift taxes. We generate and file returns electronically and store them digitally in our electronic file cabinet for quick retrieval and transmission.   

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Accounting Services

Tebay Bronson & Associates provides timely, compiled and reviewed financial statements professionaly prepared to satisfy the requirements of banks, bonding companies, and shareholders. We believe that's something every competent firm should provide.

What makes us different, is the depth of accounting services and communication of the results.

Our clients receive year-end accounting services that reconcile their balance sheet accounts and related income and expense accounts to supporting documentation. This not only provides our clients with the comfort that their books and records are accurate, but it gives them reliable balances to start the next year.

We sit down with all of our clients and interpret the financial results; highlighting areas for improvement and discuss whether operations are meeting or exceeding their expectations. Our clients enjoy an added benefit when their bank appreciates the level of financial reporting they can provide. 

We believe that accounting services are not just a once-a-year service. Tebay Bronson & Associates accounting services are an ongoing process throughout the year. We providing management with meaningful information in a timely manner so that informed decisions can be made.

We develop flash reports to provide management with daily and weekly information for quick response and correction of problems before it becomes too late.

In addition, we can create additional controls to safeguard the assets of the company. We emphasize in-house accounting systems for accessible information and minimize outside accounting costs. We train and support your staff to maintain the internal financial reporting systems. Year-end adjustments are updated on your system to assure your balances agree with the year-end trial balance and work papers.

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Consulting Services

With more than 38 years of small business consulting and industry CFO experience, Tebay Bronson & Associates helps businesses address the operations and finance problems they face. Our experience enables you to take advantage of the opportunities available in your industry. 

Our clients rely on us as their controller or Chief Financial Officer -- without the recurring monthly wages and benefits.

The scope of our involvement varies depending on the needs of the client and the opportunities or stresses they face. We can provide you with a list of references who can discuss our role as their financial advisor.


As part of Value Defined and Headwaters Valuation Services, Tebay Bronson & Associates specializes in business valuation, forensic accounting and litigation support. Although you may not need these services right now, our experience and knowledge will help you with succession planning, increasing shareholder value, industry comparisons, growth planning and more.

In addition, this expertise positions Tebay Bronson & Associates to help you access capital markets, growth advisory services, and merger and acquisition support.

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